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Sites on Norway


Norwegian papers in English

Views and News from Norway

Ancestors from Norway 

Cindi's List on Norway 

Norway House

Slektshistoriske Kilder 1500 to 1900

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Public Collections of Bygdebøker

This list was created by John Reindl and is placed here as an interium location for ease of access.
Expect changes as this list is refined.

Document Dated: 2017 September 17

Public Collections of Bygdebøker

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Links to Norway Farm Maps

This list was created by John Reindl and is placed here as an interium location for ease of access.
Expect changes as this list is refined.

Document Dated: 2017 July 23

This is a list of web pages which can be used for find farms in Norway. The name, web link and a short description is given for each site. Each site was tested with two farm names in different locations.

The goal is to be a guide of a few sites that people can use when doing their genealogy.

Note that these are current maps - some farms might be no longer in existence.

Finn Kart


Probably the best map I have found for searching for farms. Found the test farms quickly, and provides a lot of topographical and physical features in the map. Can also find farms with partial names, and does not need a wildcard symbol.

It has both maps and aerial photographs, including historic aerial photos and can create hybrids.

Gule Sider Kart


It found the test farms quickly. The map puts a symbol on the map (which often obscures the farm name); closing the search box on the left eliminates this symbol. On the right, the user gets the choice to choose aerial photos, transportation amenities, and the ability to quickly go to maps of major areas.

Easily finds farms with a partial name; as the name is typed in the search box, suggestions are provided



Kvasir is a Norwegian search engine and its map provides for searching for places, people or businesses. The maps are very colorful and provide fine detail. In my test in 2017, it was noted in the upper right hand corner that the map is powered by Gule Sider, and the map is identical. However, it offered more suggestions than the Gule Sider web page above, although took me to the same place.

Digital Medier 1881


Very powerful map system, which can search for people, farms, geographical features and more. It found the two test farms quickly and provided both maps, aerial photographs and hybrids.

Could not find farms with a partial name.



Has a lot of detail, and can find farms, geographical features, street names, etc, but it failed to find the two test farms.

A useful feature is to go to areas, first by fylke and then by kommune.



Finds places and streets, but failed to find either test farm. (Note: der du bor is Norwegian for 'where you live.')

Kart over Norway


p map for showing the borders of the fylke and the kommuner within the fylker, along with the populations and areas of the kommuner.

For Nord-Østerdal


Choose either Hovedløsning or Planninnsyn to obtain detailed maps for Alvdal, Folldal, Os, Rendalen, Tolga or Tynset.

For Hedemarken


Detailed maps can be found for Hamar, Løten, Ringsaker and Stange (with Romedal).

For Sør Hedmark


Provides detailed maps for Eidskog, Kongsvinger, Nord-Odal and Sør-Odal.

For Hedmark


Great map!!!

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These are major free search sites for Norway

Digitalarkiv is a major site for databases and digitized Norwegian records. It includes census records, digitized church records, digitized probate records, emigration protocol and many other databases. No cost to use the page.


Norsk Stedfortegnelse is the Norwegian Postal Directory in digitized form. This is a place to locate where a farm name may be located in Norway. The postal codes are outdated. No cost to use this page.


Family Search is a major site to find databases of records throughout the world. Many of the databases have actual images especially if you are a registered user. No cost to register and no cost to use the page.


Family Search Wiki is an excellent site for locating helpful research information about Norway. The site has many items to help you learn about Norway including pictures and especially useful are pictures of churches in Norway.


Dis Norge-this site has two items that are especially useful. One is a list of all resources for a given community in Norway. Another is the pictures of grave stones and lists of most cemeteries in Norway