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Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
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Founded in 1979.

About Vestlandslag:

The Vestlandslag is an umbrella organzation of 8 bygdelag (Hardangerlag, Møre og Romsdalslag, Nordhordlandslag / Sunnhordlandslag, Rogalandslag, Sognalag, Sunnfjordlag, and Vosselag). The members have roots in the counties of Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, and Rogaland on the west coast of Norway. As the interest in bygdelag were waning in the late 1970s, members from Hardangerlaget, Nordhordlandslaget, Vosselaget, and Sognalaget joined forces and founded Vestlandslaget in 1979. They were later joined by Rogalandslaget, Sunnhordlandslaget, Sunnfjordlaget, and Møre og Romsdalslaget. A couple of these lag had been disbanded, but were now able to be revived as part of Vestlandslaget. Each of the lag meet during the annual stevne.

President/Contact Person:

Ann Romo
40225 90th Ave
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
(507) 824-2297

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Lag Genealogist:

See the individual Lags (Hardanger, Møre og Romsdalslag, Nordhordland, Rogalandslag, Sognalag, Sunnhordland, Sunnfjordlag or Vosselag)

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Lag Treasurer:

Donald Teigen
7250 Lewis Ridge Parkway # 217
Edina, MN 55539-1940
(952) 922-6282

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Newsletter's Editor:

Brit Eddy
Phone: 563-547-5518

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Brit Eddy

Stevne Information:

- Vestlandslag has been postponed until 2022


For a printable Vestlandslag membership form click here.

Vestlandslag is made up through the joint efforts and cooperation of the following lags:
Hardanger, Møre og Romsdalslag, Nordhordland, Rogalandslag,
Sognalag, Sunnhordland, Sunnfjordlag and Vosselag.