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This was the 13th consecutive year that a group of bygdelag folk interested in Norwegian Family History gathered at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. We had special classes about the digitalarkiv, military records, new things in family search and researching in newspapers. Attendees were from Norway, Canada and ten states. There was plenty of time for research, time to help each other and time for fun. We did spend much time researching and several brick walls were broken. All went home as happy folk believing that it was a very productive week.

At the end of the week Merilee Mortenson wrote the following lyrics to the tune of "my name is Jan Jansen" that expresses how an enjoyable time it was.

My name is Hans Hansen,
I'm one in a million,
Who knows where I come from in Norway?
But Laila, she found me,
She broke down the brick wall,
And that's what the Lag Week is for!

Norwegian Genealogy Lag Research Trip to the Salt Lake City, Utah

Roots Tech is February 27 to March 2, 2019.

Norwegian Lag Week is March 3 to March 9, 2019.

Anouncing an Opportunity for persons interested in Norwegian genealogy and the Roots Tech Conference to attend both events.

Click here to download this flyer with the latest information on
the 2019 Norwegian Lag Week (.pdf format).

Save the dates and consider attending

Norwegian Lag Week is March 3 to March 9, 2019-
Salt Lake City, Utah

Norwegian Lag Week is a time when persons interested in Norwegian genealogy meet together in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library to research and learn together. We work diligently to plan some special classes about Norwegian research and new developments to help with our research. There is time available for research and also time to learn together. Sunday evening our group gathers at the hotel to get acquainted so we can help each other at the library to make the experience more meaningful.

This will be our 14th annual Norwegian Lag Week. There were two lag weeks prior to this that were both exploratory and a pilot for this annual event. We have been fortunate to work with two organizations in planning our week. One is the Bygdelagenes Fellesraad (umbrella organization for the bygdelag) and Family Search (related to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City). Our event could not be planned without them. Information about our event is posted on the Fellesraad website www.fellesraad.org. Various bygdelag publish information in their newsletters. Family Search is our key help for organizing the activities in Salt Lake City.

Official days of the Norwegian Lag Week are Sunday, March 3 to March 9, 2019. Lag week follows a major genealogy/technology conference called Roots Tech. Hotel we selected is the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel which is next door to the library. A block of rooms is available by contacting Rich Williams at 801-606-2410. You must work directly with him. Room rates for the Norwegian Lag week are ($92.00-$102.00) plus tax for a single or double room. This block of rooms and special rate are available until February 4, 2019. If rooms are available after that they will honor our rate for the days relating to the Norwegian Lag Week March 3-9, 2019. Cost for the week will be your transportation, hotel room and food. The Family History Library and Family Search Center are open to the public at no charge.

For information about the Roots Tech Conference which is from February 27 to March 2, 2018, please go to their web page for further information. It has a separate registration fee. There are many hotels in the area and they have special Roots Tech conference rates. It is a huge conference so hotels fill up fast.

If you are planning to attend the Norwegian Lag Week, please let us know as it helps with planning our events. Last year we had an enthusiastic group and several are returning this year. Direct questions and whether you will be attending the Salt Lake City, Norwegian Lag Week to Marilyn Sorensen, e-mail to rddlagen @ usfamily . net or Ginny Wegenast at vjwegenast @ comcast . net. We need to know for space planning purposes.

Our facebook group is managed by Steve Hall (shall3307@gmail.com). Currently there are 51 members which anyone may request to join. The title is Norwegian SLC Annual Lag Week Group and the link is: https://www .facebook.com/groups/245268492220695. You may post photos, files, events, successes and goals. Join us and have fun. You may share on facebook that you will be attending 2019 Lag week if you wish.