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The RootsTech Conference and Lag Week Research Trips to
Salt Lake City, Utah have changed (see below).

"RootsTech Connect - Virtual Conference"

This year's Roots Tech conference, usually held in Salt Lake City, Utah
will be all-virtual (and free) this year.

"RootsTech Connect" replaces the in-person event originally scheduled for Feb. 3-6,
with virtual dates of February 25-27.

Attendees still must register online at https://www.rootstech.org.

It's being billed as "Roots Tech Connect" with more focus on countries and languages from around the world. There are plans for other events throughout the year.

Join us virtually on February 25-27, 2021
as we uncover more about the story of you.

Go to the Roots Tech 2021 webpage for registration information.


"Norwegian Lag Week"
is usually held at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City following the
Rootstech Conference. We hope an in-person meeting will be held in 2022
but for 2021, our connection will be on-line instead.

"Norwegian Lag Week Connect"
is our replacement for 2021

The goal is to stay connected throughout the year via Zoom.

We meet on the fourth Monday of the month at 12 Noon Eastern Time which is 6:00 pm in Norway. Sessions provide an online opportunity for sharing knowledge about Norwegian family history and time to discuss possible presentations, problem solving questions, and research techniques.

At the Norwegian Lag Week Connect meeting, Monday, 22 February 2021, we will add
discussions on:
    - Planning how to connect with the online Rootstech Connect event,
    - Sessions that interest us in the Rootstech Connect event,
    - and more.

We will be attending Rootstech Connect. If you have not signed up you may do so at https://www.rootstech.org/?lang=eng.

Also sign up for the next Family History Library Nordic Day event which is
on Saturday, 1 May 2021 and then we will discuss what we learned at the
Monday, 24 May 2021 monthly meeting.

Bygdelag members who are interested in joining the monthly Norwegian Lag Week Connect
online meetings should e-mail Gary Romsaas at gary . romsaas @ pm . me
and he will send you the Zoom link shortly before the meeting.


Our FaceBook group is managed by Steve Hall ( shall3307 @ gmail . com ). Anyone may request to join.
The title is Norwegian SLC Annual Lag Week Group and the link is: https://www .facebook.com/groups/245268492220695.
You may post photos, files, events, successes and goals. Join us and have fun.

Group photo

This was the 13th consecutive year that a group of bygdelag folk interested in Norwegian Family History gathered at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. We had special classes about the digitalarkiv, military records, new things in family search and researching in newspapers. Attendees were from Norway, Canada and ten states. There was plenty of time for research, time to help each other and time for fun. We did spend much time researching and several brick walls were broken. All went home as happy folk believing that it was a very productive week.

At the end of the week Merilee Mortenson wrote the following lyrics to the tune of "my name is Jan Jansen" that expresses how an enjoyable time it was.

My name is Hans Hansen,
I'm one in a million,
Who knows where I come from in Norway?
But Laila, she found me,
She broke down the brick wall,
And that's what the Lag Week is for!