Hallinglag of America

Founded in 1907.

"Lat oss inkje forfederne gløyma"
(Let us not forget our forefathers)


"Hallingdal is a rugged mountain valley in Norway, part of Buskerud County (fylke).  Many people migrated from this valley coming to America and Canada, especially during the 1800's. The Hallinglag is an organization formed in 1907 by these immigrants and their descendants. The Hallinglag aims to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage given to us by these pioneers."

The above paragraph appears in each issue of Hallingen-the magazine that keeps Hallinglag members up-to-date on lag happenings and the message sums up why this group has actively pursued knowledge about its Norwegian heritage. The Hallinglag has published Hallingen, which was given that name in 1912, since 1908. The magazine is just one of the lag's many strengths. Several historical societies and libraries have complete collections, as do members and others. Although Hallingen was printed entirely in Norwegian for years, today only an occasional article is written in Norse.
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The Hallinglag banner was presented to the Hallinglag of America in Gol, Norway, June 1914. Members of the Hallinglag of America take pride in the lag's banner, which is pictured on the front of each issue of Hallingen and was depicted on a commemorative plate created in 1975.

Sixty-one years before that, Hallinglag members helped establish the tradition of commemorating the lag's heritage when a group of them traveled to Norway to celebrate the country's 100th anniversary of independence. A total of 1,242 Norwegian Americans went on that trip. 

The Americans brought the Norwegians many gifts; in return the Norwegian Hallings traveled to America the following year and presented the Hallinglag of America with a silk banner made in Christiania.

The banner's motif is from Hol, Norway, and Hallingskarvet is in the background. The man's costume is from the Norwegian town of Aal and the woman's is from the town of Gol. The banner proudly declares the lag's theme, "Let Us Not Forget Our Forefathers" which is from an Ivar Aasen poem.


Picture of man next to banner with same clothes.
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Stevne Information

Upcoming 2018 Stevne will be held in Decorah IA.

August 9-11, 2018

Our Opening Reception will be held at the Bruening Visitor Center (on the same block as Vesterheim, 520 W. Water Street, Decorah IA) beginning at 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 9. Come greet old friends and make new acquaintances while sipping on coffee and enjoying a treat and the beautiful artwork of Sigmund Arseth.

We have secured the use of the Decorah Lutheran Church, 309 Winnebago Street in Decorah for the 2018 Stevne. We will hold our Annual Business Meeting at 9:00 am Friday, August 10, followed by a presentation by Laurann Gilbertson, Chief Curator at Vesterheim on “Gifts From Norway”. She follows her presentation with Antique ID (you bring the artifact and Laurann will supply information about it). A catered lunch will be available at the church.

Friday afternoon we will journey to nearby Spring Grove MN to tour the Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, followed by a meal at Trinity Lutheran Church. A special concert by the Luren Singers, a men’s chorus well known in the area, will be held at the church after the meal to which the public is invited funded by a free-will offering.

Saturday morning, August 11, will find the entire group at Vesterheim Museum for tours, both for the inside exhibits and the many outdoor buildings and artifacts. We will return to the church Saturday afternoon for a presentation by the Boone Fiddler, David Swenson, who will entertain with music and various forms of Norsetalgia.

We finish the Stevne with a Bunad Parade at 5:00 pm at the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church, 1725 Washington Prairie Road, just outside of Decorah. Our banquet will begin at 5:30 pm. Our evening entertainment will be by the Ladies of the Fjord, three accomplished hardanger violin musicians.

You are encouraged to seek lodging in Decorah as soon as possible as they have limited rooms available in that city. We do have blocks of rooms at the Quality Inn & Suites and next door at the Super 8. It will be necessary to request the Hallinglag rate.

A print ready Registration Form is available which outlines all costs.
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Hallingen Index 1984 - 2014

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Artwork of Hallingdal 011_Picture.gif" alt="Artwork of Hallingdal" width="121" height="314">

The above link loads a .pdf file with an index to issues of Hallingen,
published by the Hallinglag of America between 1984 and 2014.

This file also includes information on where these issues may be found.







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Membership Information

Flyer about registration.

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This is the home page of the Red River Valley Genealogical Society in Fargo, North Dakota where the 400+ resources in the Hallinglag of America M.Kay Buckingham Memorial Family History Collection are housed and available to researchers.  Click on the "Norwegian Collection" button for more information.

This link is to the online version of local newspaper in Hallingdal.

This link is to the page of the local radio station in Hallingdal.
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