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Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
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Founded Sept. 7, 1910 in St. Paul, MN.

About Hadeland Lag:

Hadeland Lag celebrates the unique heritage of immigrants from the communities of Gran, Jevnaker, and Lunner in Oppland county. Our home area includes Tingelstad parish and the historic district of Brandbu. Our immigrant ancestors were mostly farmers, but the name Hadeland harkens back to the Viking Age; It translates as 'the land of the warriors.'

Although there are no bygeboker (community/family histories) for Hadeland, the lag has a database of over 11,000 immigrants and their families online and available to members plus access to family records dating back to the 1600s. There is no better resource for tracing family history in Hadeland!

Høst Samling/annual meeting is held the third Friday-Saturday in October.

Visit our website, join our Facebook group, and do consider becoming a member of our happy tribe of Hadelanders!

President/Contact Person:

Anne Sladky
6938 State Hwy 200 NW
Laporte MN 56461

Contact's Email:

president @ hadelandlag . org

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facebook logo   https://www.facebook.com/groups/6909953097/

Lag Genealogist:

By committee

Genealogist's Email:

genealogist @ hadelandlag . org

Lag Treasurer:

Barb Schmitt
1006 Aston Circle
Burnsville MN 55337

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treasurer @ hadelandlag . org

Newsletter's Editor:

Anne Sladky
6938 State Hwy 200 NW
Laporte MN 56461

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Brua Editor

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Stevne Information:

As part of Seven Lag see Online Information


facebook logo   https://www.facebook.com/groups/6909953097/

Hadeland Folkemuseum  http://www.randsfjordmuseene.no/hadeland/

Jevnaker Historical Society   http://www.jevnaker.kommune.no/Kategori/Kultur-idrett-og-fritid/Lag-og-foreninger/Jevnaker-Historielag/

Gran Historical Society  http://www.gran.historielag.org/

Lunner Historical Society  http://www.lunnerhistorielag.com/

West Oppland Genealogical Society http://www.vshl.no/