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Welcome to Photos and Notes from the 2017 Meeting

Meeting Photos
Large group photo for 2017.
Annual meeting Photos
Keynote address by Rune Nedrud, Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening.
Meeting Photos
Book presented to NAGA (Nor-Am Genealogical Association) and accepted by Marilyn Sorensen.

Annual meeting Photos
Book presented to George Olson, Totenlag President.
Meeting Photos
Marilyn Sorensen reported on the years activities at
Roots Tech and the Norwegian Lag Week in Salt Lake.
Meeting Photos
President Elaine Hasleton gave reports on the past years activities.
Annual meeting Photos
Director Eunice Helgeson has retired from the board.
Meeting Photos
A new director, Nancy Pickering was elected to the board.
Meeting Photos
Some of the group at the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday morning.
Meeting Photos
More of the group at the meeting.
Meeting Photos
Brett Bachmeier, Dixie Hanson and Elaine Hasleton presented at the
Publicity & Social Media workshop.
Meeting Photos
Participants at the Publicity & Social Media workshop.
Meeting Photos
Participants at the Newsletter Editors workshop presented by Jean Borgerding.
Meeting Photos
Participants at the Webmasters workshop presented by Gene Rodi.

Other workshops not shown included:
Genealogy - presented by Marilyn Sorensen,
Treasurers - presented by Bob Torkelson & Don Teigen and
Stevne Bootcamp - presented by Jean Knaak.
Meeting Photos
Group photo of the 2017 board.
Top Left-right: Don Teigen, Bob Torkelson, Nancy Pickering, Gene Rodi.
Bottom: Mary Gross, Elaine Hasleton, Marilyn Sorensen, Jean Knaak.

Fellesraad Annual Meeting 5-6 May 2017


• 1:00 Welcome – Announcements and schedule for the day
• 1:15 Break-out sessions for this afternoon:
o Genealogy – Fellowship Hall (Marilyn Sorensen, Session Leader)
o Webmasters – Oslo Room (Gene Rodi, Session Leader)
o Treasurers – Kirkestua Room (Bob Torkelson & Don Teigen - Session Leaders)
• 3:00 Break time - Coffee & cookies. Drawing – for Ingebretsen’s & Norway House
• 3:15 Resume classes
• 5:30 Supper (with Norwegian Table Prayer)
• 6:30 – 7:30 Keynote address by Rune Nedrud, Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening.


• 8:30 – 11:30 AM See Business Meeting Agenda.
• 11:40 Lunch (with Norwegian Table Prayer)
• 12:20 Drawing – Ingebretsen’s & Norway House (one coupon each)
• 12:25 Rune Nedrud, Pres NSF, and Elaine Hasleton, Pres Fellesraad - speakers
• 12:50 Prest Kristin Sundt from Mindekirken - speaker
• 1:00 Break-out sessions for the afternoon:
o Stevne Bootcamp – Fellowship Hall (Jean Knaak, Session Leader)
o Publicity & Social Media – Oslo Room (Elaine Hasleton, Session Leader)
o Newsletter Editors – Kirkestua Room (Jean Borgerding, Session Leader)
• 3:15 Re-convene. Evaluation of the Annual Meeting. Final Drawing –
Ingebretsen’s & Norway House (two coupons each). Award for # of attendees.
• 3:30: Conclusion of annual meeting