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Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
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Currently in process of being organized!

New Agder Bygdelag

Map of Norway
Area #19 on the map above is Vest-Agder and area #2 is Aust-Agder.

Map of Vest-Agder Map of Aust-Agder

Do you have ancestors who came from Vest-Agder and/or Aust-Agder counties in Norway?

Are you interested in linking to others from those counties?

If so, send your name and contact information to one of the contacts listed below.

Fellesraad is currently working to form a new lag for people interested in the Agder counties of Norway.

For information on bygdelags in general, see www.fellesraad.com

President/Contact Person:

Jerry Ugland
Priscilla Pope

Contact's Email:

Jerry Ugland at jersstop@yahoo.com
Priscilla Pope at prispope0@gmail.com

Lag Web Site:

None at this time.

Lag Genealogist:

Sherrie Edwards

Genealogist's Email:

Sherrie Edwards at catsnpinecones@gmail.com

Lag Treasurer:

Jerry Ugland

Treasurer's Email:

Jerry Ugland at jersstop@yahoo.com

Newsletter's Editor:

Priscilla Pope

Editor's Email:

Priscilla Pope at prispope0@gmail.com

Lag Newsletter:


Stevne Information:

Agder Lag will meet with 7 Lag Stevne July 10-13, 2019 at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center, Fargo, N. D.

Updated 7 Lag Stevne Registration Form

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